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Messaging Document 101

13 Nov

This great post and this one are what have been referencing while creating my collateral for our Client Project for class.  I have no real idea what a Messaging Document is, and I am kind of making it up as I go along.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the articles:

“A good messaging document is the go to place to understand the essence of what should be communicated about a product, service, brand or company that is written with a specific audience in mind.”

“You will also benefit from having consistent messaging across all of your communications−regardless of how many different writers produce the pieces.”

“When done right, everyone in the company should be singing from the same hymnal on who the company is, what they do, and most importantly how their clients/customers benefit from using them.”

“[A messaging] document…guides everything you do from a marketing perspective, and serve as the platform for all of your messaging.  Everything you do moving forward will be anchored to this, so you want to make sure you take the proper approach.”

But what content should a great messaging document have?  Here’s a list I’ve brainstormed:

-Mission statement

-Vision statement

-Key clients / key publics

-Elevator pitch



What else would you add to a Messaging Document?  Am I overlooking anything?