A post on postings

19 Oct


I’m part of the real world now, friends.  I’ve started applying for jobs.  Yes, it has happened.  I’ve been to career fairs and Graduate school expos, interviewing professional connections to get some insight into the industry and much, much more.  It’s a delicate balancing act of working on school work, RA stuff, studying for the GRE and applying for jobs.  I’ve dropped the ball a few times, but I’m starting to get better.

I’m really interested in working for a company who creates a “lifestyle brand” and fill a niche in a market, and this company has a really great opening on their ‘Careers’ page:

Gifted with extraordinary attention to detail and a creative knack, the people who make up BRAND — our store associates, designers, merchandisers, art directors and production teams — truly love what they do.

At our home office, there are battleships, historic buildings and groundbreaking modern architectural design. There is open space, lots of trees and one big river. There are bicycles. There are dogs — at our desks, in the grass, at our feet. There is color, texture and limitless personal style. (Meaning, we wear what we like.)

In our stores, there are beautiful, ever-changing vignettes and surprises hiding in every corner. There are spoons and skirts and sofas. There are award-winning window and product displays. There are passionate and devoted customers. There are plants, parties and personal shoppers.

But most importantly, at our office and in our stores, there are people. The most creative, inspiring, dedicated people you’ll ever meet. Care to join them?

What brand do you think this (lovely) introduction is for?  I’m curious to see if anyone can guess it.  Let me know your guess in a comment below.

I’ll be applying for this position soon, and I’m loving the way they word the requirements:

Communications Responsibilities:

  • Support, and develop all internal and external communication strategies for BRAND stores.
  • Act as BRAND primary point-of-contact to support daily operations needs for stores.
  • Anticipate and plan for communication needs and find creative, timely and quality solutions to meet needs.
  • Plan, coordinate, execute and edit store and district communication materials.
  • Manage store workload and calendar to ensure deadlines are met and projects are completed in a timely manner..
  • Field questions concerning policies and procedures on a day-to-day basis.

Store Operations Responsibilities:

  • Interact and partner with Home Office Departments to contribute to store-related projects.
  • Partner with Product Information team to develop incentive contests and manage reward distributions.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities in current processes in an effort to improve via communication/future initiatives.

Employee Relations Responsibilities:

  • Provide guidance in the handling of performance management issues to ensure that requirements are met.
  • Act as a non-biased representative for fielding comments, concerns and anonymous complaints
  • Liaison with the company’s Employment & Benefits department to provide support to store management

Customer Service Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a point person for the Ecommerce Operations team to handle escalated customer service communication.
  • Act as a liaison between District Management and General Counsel for all stores General Liability issues.
  • Work with the field and Home Office partners on customer service initiatives and customer service survey

You can see how they’re getting the point across, but the language used here is really positive and upbeat.  It sounds like a company I want to work for.  I know my peers have come across these same type of job postings and some that are not so outstanding.

The big takeaway: I want to work for a company who does their work in recruiting the best people possible.  A job posting like this gives me a glimpse into the corporate culture of the organization, and I can tell I would be respected, nurtured and appreciated if I worked with this company.


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