…someone will be wearing the stupid hat today.

29 Sep

Recently I was delving through some of the posts on that my professional connections post on Twitter, I’ve starting following many Crisis Communication professionals and experts, and I have learned SO much.  I am heavily interested in the field, so I’ve decided that this blog will focus mostly on crisis communication.  I came across this great article and wanted to share it with my personal network.

The idea is simple: we messed up, we’re really sorry, here’s what we’re doing to fix it.  You can follow the link to read the entire post, but the previous sentence essentially sums up the email that went out to Pingdom’s clients.  What I really love about the message is the tone of it.  It’s hard to get a casual-yet-professional tone across in an email.  I struggle with that on almost a daily basis, I have been on the receiving end of some not so professional emails that made me cringe, and I’ve been the sender of an overly professional email.  It’s all in the balance, word choice and the writers ability to craft the message.

These two sentences are extremely powerful at expressing the companies sincerity:

“Even if the issue affected monitoring for less than 90 minutes for a limited number of customers, it’s of course frustrating if you were one of them. We take a lot of pride in delivering a reliable service and this doesn’t represent what Pingdom stands for.”

After this they go on to list the three effects the shut down may have had on their clients:

“After a thorough investigation we’ve already initiated actions to minimize the effect this may have had, including:”

I’ll echo the words of my friends from Bernstein Crisis: major kudos to the Pingdom team.


One Response to “…someone will be wearing the stupid hat today.”

  1. wilkes1779 October 1, 2012 at 1:59 am #

    Couldn’t agree more. I feel like I’m always finding myself contemplating on wether or not my message is too professional, or not professional enough. I feel like if anything it’s okay to be a little to professional, rather than not enough.

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