Communicating in unique ways

28 Sep

My position as a Resident Advisor (RA) on campus challenges me to communicate with multiple people on a  daily basis- my role as an RA is at it’s very basic to just be a good communicator.  I really enjoy listening to people and talking to them about their day-to-day as well as conversations that may delve a little deeper.  I aim for these deeper level conversations with residents, but they don’t always come when convenient.

One way I make sure residents know they can come to me if they just need someone to talk to is establishing rapport with them in small ways.  I have a few residents this semester who I haven’t really connected with, so recently I made these small “study kits” as surprises for 4 special residents I would like to build a stronger relationship with.  The kits included an apple and a cup of peanut butter (apple slices and peanut butter is my new addiction) as well as some trail mix and some Pixie Sticks.  I wrote short notes to each resident wishing them luck on studying for their upcoming exams and then left the little bags outside of their doors.  I hope they were excited this morning to wake up to a special surprise.

As a student of Communication I understand the value and importance of communicating with people on many different levels.  This may seem like common sense to some, but communication is not always innate in us, sometimes we need to be taught how we should communicate.


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