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19 Sep


Sam Duff

Great blog!  I did an interview style post like this as well and it was a lot of fun.  I like the content you gave us here and how you kind of took a lecture and made it your own.

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Sarah Marshall

I like how this post is deeply personal but still content driven.
Good work!

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Tony Benedetti

I hate to publicly shame you, but your blog is full of clouds and balloons.  Really?
You kind-of-sort-of know me so I don’t think you’ll take this the wrong way, but really?
This blog post has great content and is exactly what Mary is looking for.  Good work.

Next time I miss the blue skies I’ll just come back and visit your blog.  ;D

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Regina Hariston

I hate brochures.  I’ve left a comment about this on someone else’s blog, too.  I made this joke about how I have this soapbox made up of old brochures and it’s relly sturdy because of all of the folds.
I think brochures are a prime example of people not looking forward/ahead into trends and the possibilities.  It’s 2012.  We can do so much.  Why pour any time into a brochure?
PS- Cute blog.  Good work.

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Patrick Cooley

Good post!  I like the design of your blog, but I personally have a thing against reading white text on a black background.  If you’re going to keep up with this blog I’d put your copy on a white background and make it black.  This would make your white-on-black headlines pop!  Just a thought.
You’ve obviously spent more time on your blog than I have, so good work!

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Killyn Dorsio

I hadn’t seen any of these, but they do bring back memories.
I will apparently die without having tried a Twinkie.  I never thought much about it until now.
Great post.  Love how you’re meeting class criteria while still making things fun and entertaining!

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Lisa Steffes

I hate brochures.  I love this post, but I hate brochures.
I think they’re archaic and I think people (generally) just roll their eyes anymore when you even mention the word brochure.  I have a soapbox I made up of old brochures that I glued together.  It’s sturdy because of all the folds.
Great post.  I still hate brochures.

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Daniel Kieffer

Love this post.  It seems like this is what we go to in the Communications world these days: fear appeals.  What people don’t look for when using these are the possibilities of consumer backlash.  Love the video and links you provided us.  Good work!

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Abby Dobras

This is a great post, Abby! I love that you took an assignment and put your own spin on it, because I think that applies greatly to the world of PR- we’re given a task and then need to make it our own. Thanks for the tips near the end it gave your post good content. (:

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Chaz’s “Comm on!” blog

Great post, Chaz! I think it would be awesome if you could share some of your graphic design work here so we could get a feel for your design aesthetic. I like the style of your blog and your writing style, so keep up the good work!
Logan Oates

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